We have two main ways to raise money to finance our programs: through our COMMERCIAL ALLIANCES and through FUNDRAISING EVENTS.

We have five institutional events:

- Fashion Art & Wine Fest (Mother's Day Edition and Christmas Edition): It is an event that brings together Salvadoran entrepreneurs, where shopping with a social sense is practiced.

- Youth Soccer Cup: Sports event that seeks the integration of teams of children and young people between 6 to 15 years old, who play by categories and everything raised is donated to the different programs of the Foundation.

- Summer Shopping Fest: Event carried out in one of the most popular Shopping Centers in the country, the event seeks support for Salvadoran entrepreneurship, as well as encouraging purchases with a social purpose.

- Fundraising Party: Event designed for young people in order to reach this age group and encourage them to donate "coras" (quarters), through a party.

- Christmas Gift Fest: Carried out in a Shopping Center, the event seeks to revitalize the Salvadoran economy by supporting local brands and encouraging shopping with social purpose at Christmas time.

To carry out our events, we rely on sponsors, socially responsible Salvadoran brands, who seek to support events for different target audiences according to their customer profile.

Among the brands that have supported us in our last events as sponsors are: