The Foundation

We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to fundraising and channeling "micro donations" of $0.25 cents, colloquially known as “coras” (quarters) in El Salvador, to support high impact projects in entities with a recognized social history.

We are setup to be a link between people who want to help and organizations that already help.

Our main objective is to benefit the needy and vulnerable in our country, focusing actions in the areas of: Opportunities for children and youth, Education, Education in values, ​and Health - Environment.


Promote the integral development of the needy, supporting non-profit organizations, with similar values, and with projects of high social impact.


To be an institution recognized at the national level as a collection entity of micro donations, to support projects of impact and social benefit, that promote solidarity among Salvadorans.

Our Values

We work respecting human dignity and we exist to foster respect for the dignity of all Salvadorans equally.

We live and promote respect for life and the environment in all our actions. We seek to promote family integrity in all Salvadorans, because we know that it is within the family that people are formed and developed, it is where the foundations for a whole society are laid.

We believe that only by practicing generosity and charity with others, it will be possible to create sustainable changes in our country.

We conduct our actions with honesty in order to earn the trust of Salvadorans and that they feel confident that each donated "cora" (quarter) will be transformed into aid to those most in need.